No-one should get left behind….

‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo changed my life. It helped diminish overwhelm, helped me move into my current home and assisted with some ‘decisions’ that needed to be made. It also made me wake up again to the fact that I love organising peoples space. My skills earlier in life, where my mother found the contents of her kitchen in the bin, have moved on considerably with more consideration and far more understanding.

I have come to realise again that this what I am here to do. The process following the KomMari method follows five distinct categories and some people choose to do it themselves however, those needing some help work with me to facilitate the process. One thing I can let you know is that this process touches people in many different ways.

Customers come to me with varied requirements from wanting to diminish overwhelm in their lives, or perhaps considering a house move, wanting to decorate part of their home, or moving together as a couple to find their individual space and some moving on from post divorce or death of a loved one. The reasons are as varied and as unique as my customers but by actually moving into your home with organised structure, gives your home a place to live and to function. 

One thing that does happen is that over time once the process has been completed it helps create clarity by taking you back to the basics of what's important in your life and to find what truly ‘sparks joy’ for you and to move into the life you always wanted.