I'd like to tell you a story. 

So if that's okay, grab a cup of tea and relax as we take a little journey together...

Space Designs was born out of my own personal struggle for clarity during my practice based PhD. 

I was always naturally creative since being the only kid my parents knew who valued crayons over dolls. So the practical inspiration to create innovative, smart materials for my PhD wasn’t the difficulty - organising the work into a bound PhD that would meet the specific scientific, evidence-led focus of my professors, however was.

But a chance encounter with a fascinating book (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by MariKondo) as I hurried through Basel airport changed my world. I was late and I chose the book in seconds in time to catch my flight. By the time I landed my world had been well and truly rocked.

You see, it wasn’t my PhD that was causing my confusion, it was my life. 

I’d moved homes at the start of my course and discovered that according to the KonMari teachings, I’d never really moved into my home. As the tears flowed and I explored deeper, I recalled an earlier home, an exquisite rooftop apartment in Henley-on-Thames which I’d decorated with love, and each time I came home from working on interior design projects in South East Asia, I’d have an intense emotional re-connection with this space that really reflected my loves and interests and infused me with a powerful sense of peace and wellbeing.

Sensitive friends felt it and revelled in warm summer evenings in that energetic tranquility and even those totally engrossed in their London lives of finance and advertising noticed something ‘different’

“I love what you’ve done with your place - did you paint the walls or something?”  was a common comment from them. 

I always smiled, just like I am as I write this because what I did back then, was unbeknown to me, the start of the company that you’re connecting with now - I literally designed the space I lived in to suit the ‘me’ that lived there. My apartment fitted me like a glove, no space wasted and no closets jammed to overflowing with ‘stuff’ that I never looked at or loved or connected with. 

Everything I had sparked joy in me and those that I loved to have around me.      

And then time passed, my world became more frantic, things and people and memories fell away and I forgot it all, and that dear reader brings me back to my PhD and confusion as to why?

Why didn’t I feel good where I lived, or even sometimes in myself?

Why did I struggle to express myself on paper?

Why did I so often feel so stressed that I couldn’t find that thing/paper/book - that I needed right in that second?


Because I’d got caught up in life and life has a habit of deluging us with stuff when we’re not paying attention - want proof?

Walk over to your wardrobe right now, the one you use every day. 

Are you there yet?

Okay, - now open it and look inside.

Ask yourself this one question - “does everything that I see here spark joy in my life in the same way it did when I first wore it?”

And the answer will be no - and this will be repeated time and time again in your home from books to paperwork - from your kitchen to your underwear drawers. 

Even as you read this you might be getting an uncomfortable feeling that what I’m describing could even be your story.

Well as I’ve worked with many dozens of people from all over Europe - one thing has become clear to me - with a few exceptions, it’s ALL our story.

We’ve each collected and held onto stuff because we’ve never been taught to do anything else. 

We’ve never heard of another way of living.

It blocks our lives, minds, energies and relationships. 

So often we can’t even formulate what we want that would make us really happy…

Until now. 

Because when I applied what I’d read in the book, I saw changes –and as I did so, I started doing the daily things that were a part of me when I was living back in Henley-on-Thames.

I winnowed my belongings and discovered the things that I loved and connected with, my walls filled with art, and my wardrobe with the pieces that truly made me feel how I love feeling best. 

My desk moved from looking like I’d just been burgled, to a place where each day I could start writing with an energetic smile and a focus on exactly what I was going to achieve before I finished that day. No distractions (Would that help you too?)

Light sun and energy became my companions and people kept asking “Are you on vitamins or something?” Nope, no more than I ever was, I’m just free from all the old clutter both emotional and physical (because they tend to exist together) and free to focus on what creates joy in my life - 

 which in my case is now using my own experience and helping others do exactly the same thing! 

In fact this work is for everybody - I can work with you to create more peace, freedom and excitement in your life than you ever thought possible.

So if my story speaks to you, - then why not give me a call and have a chat. You might find that your life this time next year looks more amazing than you ever dared hope - and coming home becomes a pleasure that you look forward to every single day.