“You can acquire information from reading a book but to ‘experience’ you must creatively respond to information. Acquiring information itself is passive, experiencing is active”. (Maltz, M, MD, FICS).

The experience of the KonMari method of tidying your home is an effective and deeply nourishing process:-

  • Firstly, say ‘yes’ to the process of tidying up.

  • Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

  • Finish discarding first, by category not by location.

  • Follow the right order.

  • Ask yourself if the items you have ‘spark joy’.

Here’s How it Works;


I’ll show you the categories that we work in and suggest how we choose a category meaningful to you as our first session.


We’ll work together for five hours which is enough to create meaningful change without being overwhelming. Working together for a total of three or five hour blocks, spread over a period to suit you, during which you’ll see your life start to change as the energy shifts around you. 


Your only job will be;


Letting go of the old and stuck and welcoming in fresh new opportunity - what you then choose is up to you, I’m here to make sure the choices keep coming ;-)