“I love what you’ve done with your place - did you paint the walls or something?”  was a common comment from friends ‘back then. 

I always smiled, just like I am as I write this because what I did ‘back then’, was unbeknown to me, the start of the Company that you’re connecting with now - I literally designed the space I lived in to suit the ‘me’ that lived there. My apartment fitted me like a glove, no space wasted and no closets jammed to overflowing with ‘stuff’ that I never looked at or loved or connected with. 

Everything I had sparked joy in me and those that I loved to have around me. 

However during my doctorate I moved homes and never actually moved in, something had stopped me and I discovered that according to the KonMari teachings, I’d never really moved into my home. As I explored deeper, I recalled an earlier home, a wonderful rooftop apartment in Henley-on-Thames which I’d decorated with love, and each time I came home from working on interior design projects in South East Asia, I’d have a deep emotional re-connection with this space that really reflected my loves and interests and infused me with a powerful sense of peace and wellbeing.

When I applied what I’d read in the book, I saw changes –and as I did so, I started doing the daily things that were a part of me when I was living back in Henley-on-Thames.

I winnowed my belongings and discovered the things that I loved and connected with, my walls filled with art, and my wardrobe with the pieces that truly made me feel how I love feeling best. My vision of what I had wanted had been accomplished and more. My desk moved from looking like I’d just been burgled, to a place where each day I could start writing with an energetic smile and a focus on exactly what I was going to achieve before I finished that day. I had moved from disorder to clarity.

And as I’ve now worked with many dozens of people from all over Europe - one thing has become clear to me - with a few exceptions, these stories are ALL our stories.