Stephanie Ward has 14 years experience working in South East Asia and Europe as Project and Interior Design creator. It was in South East Asia where her skills were honed to assist clients find, not only what they wanted from their individual spaces, but to also listen to how they wanted their spaces to function. This transferred to her own space over these years.

“I love what you’ve done with your place - did you paint the walls or something?”  

J Prentice, Maidenhead, Berkshire

was a common comment from friends ‘back then. I always smiled, just like I am as I write this because what I did ‘back then’, was unbeknown to me, the start of the Company that you’re connecting with now - I literally designed the space I lived in to suit the ‘me’ that lived there. My apartment fitted me like a glove, no space wasted and no closets jammed to overflowing with ‘stuff’ that I never looked at or loved or connected with.

To have a chat about how you can find ways to re-discover what you truly love and value and to discuss your requirements please contact the number in person or by email below:-

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Stephanie Ward
Accredited KonMari Bronze Consultant